no lotus
My favorite saying in the study of yoga is "no lotus”, meaning that a good outcome starts with a little adversity.  
It started raining in Estes Park on September 11, 2013. On the morning of September 13, the road to our subdivision was under two feet of water and mud. Our home was unaffected, but our two rental condos downtown did not fare as well; they were filled with waist-deep water and mud. The next few months were consumed with stripping the condos of debris, as well as the FEMA and SBA Disaster meetings that went with it. Neighbors were helping neighbors. That was a good thing, because federal agencies were ineffective and much mud. 
During the flood recovery, I was able to take advantage of a Larimer Country workforce re-training program that helped me attain a BS in Communications from CSU-Global. The process of learning the mechanics of the communication field, leadership and team dynamics resulted in more than one “aha” moment - connecting theory and science with years of experience. It wasn't the easiest proposition to jump back into college classes while my sons were busy with band, varsity sports and AP classes in high school. OK, the house is a mess, there's a giant pile of laundry and some dead houseplants. I initially thought that my lotus was a college degree, but it is opening up into so much more. My lotus is the journey of pushing through some unfortunate circumstances and being able to create new opportunities that I had never dreamed were possible. I'm grateful for the mud.
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